The White House, Astronomy Night, October 19, 2015. President Obama with Sophie Alvarez Image credit: Chip Somodevilla

The White House, Astronomy Night, October 19, 2015. President Obama with Sophie Alvarez
Image credit: Chip Somodevilla

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Fourth Quarter 2018
12/06/18Room, Space JournalAsgardia at Escape Velocity 2018
Fourth Quarter 2017
11/14/17iO9A New Take-Home Exhibit From the Museum of Science Fiction
Celebrates the Women of Scifi
Third Quarter 2017
09/05/17Inverse 'Star Trek' Writer Has a Great Idea for a Cheap Mars Habitat
09/03/17OuterPlacesLegendary Sci-Fi Author Joe Haldeman Tells the Story Behind 'The Forever War'
09/03/17OuterPlacesThe Real Life Equivalents of Famous Sci-Fi Weapons
09/02/17OuterPlacesSeven Terrible Science Fiction Movies with Great Soundtracks
09/02/17OuterPlacesCas Anvar Talks About the Science Behind the Flip and Burn, CQBs, and 'The Expanse'
09/02/17OuterPlaces'Minority Report' User Interface Gets Recreated with Augmented Reality
09/01/17OuterPlacesA Look At The Morals of Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi and Real Life
09/01/17OuterPlacesThe 5 Best Short Sci-Fi Films From Escape Velocity 2017
08/31/17Fairfax County TimesEscape Velocity convention hits DC this weekend
08/31/17Washington Post Going Out Guide for the District, Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2017
08/07/17OuterPlacesDigital Immortality, The Future of Memory, and Sci-Fi Utopias: An Interview With Dr. Phil Frana
08/07/17OuterPlacesFrom Drone Deliveries to Drone Swarms: An Interview with Dr. Chris Vo
08/04/17OuterPlaces Escape Velocity 2017: The Greatest Sci-Fi Con You've Never Heard Of
08/04/17OuterPlacesWin a Three-Day Weekend Pass to Escape Velocity, the New Con by the Museum of Sci-Fi!
07/20/17Prince William LivingHeroic Aleworks is partnering with the Museum of Science Fiction
07/13/17ActualittéRetour vers le futur avec Omni, le magazine de science des années 1980
Second Quarter 2017
06/03/17GizmodoAmazon Now Has Every Issue of Omni, the Scifi 'Magazine of the Future'
06/02/17BlastrBlast from the past: You can now buy classic Omni magazines
06/02/17The VergeThe entire collection of Omni Magazine is back online
06/02/17DPAPXOLΠαγκόσμια πρωτιά για την ομάδα Εκπαιδευτικής
Ρομποτικής του 1ου ΓΕΛ Παπάγου και 1ου Γυμνασίου Παπάγου
06/02/17Gym PapagouΠαγκόσμια πρωτιά για την ομάδα Εκπαιδευτικής
Ρομποτικής του 1ου ΓΕΛ και 1ου Γυμνασίου Παπάγου
06/02/17EllakΠαγκόσμια πρωτιά για την ομάδα Εκπαιδευτικής
Ρομποτικής του 1ου ΓΕΛ Παπάγου και 1ου Γυμνασίου Παπάγου
Third Quarter 2016
10/06/16io9Be a Part of the Museum of Science Fiction's Awesome First Take-Home Exhibit
09/08/16NBC TV NewsSmithsonian Celebrates 'Star Trek' Fiction Becoming Science Fact
09/02/16 USA Today'Star Trek' fans take series into new dimension
07/30/16 Time Warner NewsIthaca High Schooler Leading Satellite Building Team
07/21/16 Baltimore SunPlane from '2001: A Space Odyssey' lands at Maryland Science Center
07/08/16 Geek Girl RiotEscape Velocity: Taking Real Science to the Final Frontiers
07/07/16 Biology FortifiedThe Future of Food
07/03/16 NBC TV NewsEscape Velocity Brings Sci-Fi, Science Fact Together
Second Quarter 2016
06/30/16 Cornell ChronicleIthaca High CubeSat team's concept to get a shot at space
06/29/16 Geek DadThe Museum of Science Fiction Launches Escape Velocity,
Promotes STEAM Education
06/13/16 The News & ObserverCostume production students create 'Dune' stillsuit
05/31/16 El Paso Herald-PostTeam with UTEP, Bowie Faculty and Students wins
International CubeSat Competition
05/11/16 WRAL TVUNC students replicate famous Sci-Fi movie costumes
04/09/16 Fine Scale Modeler
Exclusive Steve Neill Interview
More about the man and his 1/2 scale USS Enterprise NCC-1701
04/04/16 Washingtonian
On the Horizon: FUTURE FEST
First Quarter 2016
03/07/16 Trek TodayRoddenberry To Speak At Escape Velocity
03/03/16 Fairfax County
Escape Velocity Kickstarter launched
03/01/16 Attractions
Museum of Science Fiction launches Kickstarter campaign for Escape Velocity!
02/28/16 gizmodo The White House Wants To Use Science Fiction To Settle The Solar System
02/24/16 Outer Places The White House is Hoping Science Fiction Can Create
a Generation of Space Pioneers
02/23/16 Homesteading in Space: White House Science Office Seeks Sci-Fi Inspiration
02/14/16 New Scholarly Journal From The Museum Of Science Fiction
Now Available Online
01/30/16 The Examiner Washington, DC sci fi museum launches first issue of journal
01/30/16 io9 The Museum of Science Fiction Debuts Their Scholarly Journal's First Issue
01/30/16 SF Crowsnest Museum of Science Fiction launches academic MOSF Journal of Science Fiction

Fourth Quarter 2015
11/19/15 Inverse Have Sci Fi Ideas? The New 'Journal of Science Fiction' Wants To Hear Them
10/26/15 newswise Cornell, Museum of Science Fiction Announce CubeSat Competition
During White House Astronomy Night
10/19/15 The White House FACT SHEET: At White House Astronomy Night, President Obama Announces
New Private-Sector Commitments to Get Students Excited about Science and Space
Third Quarter 2015
09/17/15 io9 The Museum of Science Fiction Is Launching A Scholarly Journal!
09/16/15 Reddit The Museum of Science Fiction to publish an academic journal of science fiction
08/13/15 Live Journal Museum of Science Fiction Replica #1: 2001 Flight Attendant
07/09/15 Scripps Howard Science fiction exhibit opens in airport
07/09/15 SFcrowsnest Museum of Science Fiction teleports into Reagan National Airport

Second Quarter 2015
06/22/15 Motherboard The Museum of Science Fiction Wants to Issue Your Interstellar Passport
05/20/15 AZO Nano Awesome Con: NNCO & MOSF to Present Exciting Panels on
Nanotechnology, 3D Printing
05/15/15 Live Science Take a Planetary Vacation at Museum's 'Future of Travel' Exhibit
05/13/15 DCInno DC's Science Fiction Museum Gets a Boost from Kickstarter
05/11/15 GeekDad What Will Tomorrow Look Like? Show the Sci-fi Museum to
Win Tomorrowland Prizes
04/29/15 The Future Envisioned at Museum of Science Fiction
04/09/15 Washington
City Paper
Best of DC: Best Planned Museum
04/07/15 Daily Tar Heel Costume designers at UNC create for museum

First Quarter 2015
03/06/15 Architectual Digest See the Far-Out Designs for the Museum of Science Fiction at the Brooklyn Public Library
02/23/15 amNewYork Brooklyn Public Library showcasing designs for world's first science fiction museum
02/20/15 Arch Paper Winning Designs for World’s First Sci-Fi Museum on View at Brooklyn Public Library
02/20/15 Curbed An Inside Look at The Designer of The SciFi Preview Museum
02/19/15 DNAinfo NY Designs for 'Museum of Science Fiction' Project Come to Brooklyn
01/07/15The Hatchet Trekkies, rejoice: Museum of Science Fiction hopes to open in DC
01/07/15 The Guardian Project Anywhere: digital route to an out-of-body experience

Fourth Quarter 2014
12/08/14 NPR The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Sorting Science Fact from Science Fiction
10/01/14 Architect Museum of Science Fiction Selects Design for Preview Museum

Third Quarter 2014
09/09/14 Krypton Radio Museum of Science Fiction Exhibit Design Contest
08/28/14 The Mary Sue DC's Museum of Science Fiction Wants To Pay For Your Design
08/28/14 io9 Museum of Science Fiction contest
08/26/14 Architects Journal Contest launched for Museum of Science Fiction Interior
08/26/14 CNBC Museum of Science Fiction to Hold Awards Ceremony for International Architectural Design Competition with eBay, Google, and DreamHost
07/31/14 Eichler Network Science Fiction Fans Plan D.C. Museum
07/25/14 competitionline Science Fiction Design Competition
07/25/14 Bustler Museum of Science Fiction, Preview Museum
07/25/14 Architects Journal Contest opens for Washington DC sci-fi museum
07/22/14 Curbed Museum of Science Fiction Seeks Designers, Finds Partnership
07/22/14 Adafruit The Museum of Science Fiction: Selections from the OMNI Reboot Collection
07/18/14 DCist Museum of Science Fiction Gears Up To Enter Next Phase
07/17/14 io9 Check Out This Incredible Collection of Science Art from OMNI
07/16/14 BoingBoing Classic Omni art and articles gallery

Second Quarter 2014
05/15/14 In The Capital DC Science Fiction Museum Close to Becoming Reality
04/29/14 New science fiction museum to open in Washington, DC
04/17/14 Washington Post The Riff: Is D.C. (finally) geeky enough to set a cosplay world record Friday?
04/03/14 Elevation DC Sci-fi museum eyes preview sites in Crystal City, DC waterfront

First Quarter 2014
03/28/14 Washington Post Which museums show real promise?
03/10/14 Washington Post Express What is happening with D.C.'s Museum of Science Fiction?
02/25/14 Broadway World The Museum of Science Fiction Names Science Channel as Exclusive Media Partner
02/11/14 Attractions Management Museum of Science Fiction planned for Washington DC
02/05/14 Museum of Sci-Fi Joins Forces with Science Channel
01/28/14 Wired Italy Una visita virtuale al museo della fantascienza
01/16/14 Amazing Stories Interview: Greg Viggiano, Executive Director of the Museum of Science Fiction

Fourth Quarter 2013
12/22/13 Inilah AS Berencana Buka Museum Khusus Fiksi Ilmiah
12/19/13 Exponaute Un musée de la science-fiction en projet à Washington
12/18/13 DCist Photos: New Renderings From The Museum Of Science Fiction
12/17/13 Wired Here's Your First Look at the Much-Anticipated Museum of Science Fiction
12/17/13 Le Figaro Doctor Who et Blade Runner entrent au musée à Washington
12/14/13 Indianapolis Business Journal Unintentional entrepreneur parlayed consumer-electronics savvy into PR firm
12/11/13 WDR Radio Ein Tempel für Yoda und Kirk
12/03/13 This Is Infamous The Museum of Science Fiction, And Why We Need It
12/02/13 Stormtroopers Descend On D.C. To Promote
Proposed Museum Of Science Fiction
12/02/13 ITV News Star Wars characters descend on Washington, DC
12/02/13 DCist Photos: Museum of Science Fiction Deploys Star Wars Characters To Capitol
12/01/13 WTOP Imperial troopers storm Capitol to raise money
11/24/13 io9 Crowdfund a preview location for a Museum of Science Fiction
11/22/13 The Mary Sue Let's Schedule a Road Trip For 2017, 'Cause Washington DC's
Getting a Sci-Fi Museum
11/22/13 Mashable (article) Science Fiction Museum Plans Exhibits From 'Doctor Who' to 'Blade Runner'
11/22/13 GeekWire Sci-fi nerds look to open new museum in Washington D.C.
11/21/13 Washington Times The Museum of Science Fiction is trying to raise money for a preview museum
11/20/13 The Museum of Science Fiction – Will Washington, DC
become central to the genre?
11/19/13 LiveScience Frankenstein to Star Trek: Sci-Fi Museum Coming to D.C.
11/11/13 Mighty Mega Help Fund a Museum of Science Fiction in DC
11/10/13 The Museum of Science Fiction Kickstarts A Front in Washington, D.C
11/09/13 Mashable Video Group Raising Funds to Open Museum of Science Fiction in Washington D.C.
11/08/13 Motherboard Inside Washington DC's Science Fiction Museum Crowdfunding Campaign
11/08/13 Hyperallergic Crowdfunding a New Museum of Science Fiction
11/07/13 University Herald Country's First Science Fiction Museum In Planning Stages With Preview Museum Set To Launch Next Year
11/06/13 Giant Freakin Robot Proposed Science Fiction Museum In Washington DC
Seeks Crowdfunding Help
11/05/13 Tor Help Build The Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, D.C.!
11/05/13 Elliot in the Morning CONTRIBUTE NOW!
11/05/13 Curbed DC More Details Revealed About Museum of Science Fiction
11/05/13 CBS News Museum of Science Fiction might be coming to D.C.
11/04/13 Washington City Paper Museum of Science Fiction Planned for D.C.
11/04/13 Washington Business Journal Washington's newest museum? Science Fiction
11/04/13 Washingtonian Science Fiction Museum Planned for DC
11/04/13 USA Today Funds sought for science fiction museum lift-off
11/04/13 Popville SciFi Fans Brace Yourselves – Group Hopes to Bring
Science Fiction Museum to DC
11/04/13 Gizmodo This Group Wants to Build a Museum of Science Fiction in Washington DC
11/04/13 DCist Museum of Science Fiction May Become Reality In D.C.