Educational Vision

We believe that science fiction inspires interest in science, engineering, technology, math, art, and—ultimately—imagination. Science fiction is rich with ideas that can serve as a springboard for curiosity and project-based learning, from understanding how warp drive might function to how cyborgs could affect our daily lives. We also believe science fiction holds value for all ages and we will endeavor to tailor our education and outreach efforts to appeal to a wide range of visitors in an inclusive environment.

Imagination and education are central elements to the Museum. Visitors will be able to observe and experience science fiction as a bridge between art and science. Visitors will leave the Museum with a new appreciation of imagination as an essential component in the education process. Children in particular will learn more about creative disciplines and how they affect the human experience.

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Educational Mission

The Museum's educational mission is to share and use science fiction as a way to inspire imagination and motivate learning in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Pilot Program with DC Public Schools

The primary objective of the DC Public Schools pilot program is to develop project-based learning activities with measurable outcomes. Lessons engage students in critical thinking. Students will compare science fiction and science fact through STEAM programming that uses Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. The educational programming uses science fiction to foster a deeper interest in science and the arts. Click the photo to see Museum guest speakers teaching in the classroom.

Educational Offerings

The Museum is currently developing project-based programming that will inspire students and support educators. Over the next five years, our vision is to offer:

•    Interactive and educational exhibitions
•    A variety of project-based learning activities, both in the Museum and in the classroom
•    An online resource center for educators and students
•    Scholarships and grants
•    Competitions and contests