Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers
Women of Science Fiction

Julie Dillon (C) 2015

Julie Dillon (C) 2015

The Museum of Science Fiction is pleased to announce Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers, an anthology of science fiction showcasing how women have been an integral part of science fiction as authors, as readers, and as characters for more than a century.

Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction is a take-home museum exhibit celebrating women who, as both writers and characters, set new horizons for the science fiction genre. This anthology features stories about protagonists with agency who save lives, explore strange new worlds, prove their mettle, and voyage toward self-discovery. Curated by Museum of Science Fiction staff under the direction of lead editor Monica Louzon, this take-home exhibit is meant to be savored and shared.

Featuring cover art by Hugo award-winning artist Julie Dillon and the following works:

Eleanor Arnason - "A Ceremony of Discontent"
Catherine Asaro - "Walk in Silence"
Monica Byrne - "Free Fall"
Betsy Curtis - "A Peculiar People"
Kiini Ibura Salaam - "Battle Royale"
N. K. Jemisin - "The Trojan Girl"
Floris M. Kleijne - "Midnight on the the Space Station Alcatraz"
Nancy Kress - "My Mother, Dancing"
Naomi Kritzer - "Cleanout"
AJ Lee - "Being Kitty"
Karen Lord - "A New Panama"
Pat Murphy - "Fix-It Shop"
Seanan McGuire - "What We Knew Then, Before the Sky Fell Down"
Sarah Pinsker - "Remember This For Me"
Anthea Sharp - "Ice in D Minor"
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam - "The Greatest Discovery of Dr. Madeline Lightfoot"
Carrie Vaughn - "For Fear of Dragons"
Jane Yolen - "Juno in July", "Not So Great A Divide" & "The Physics of a Dying Star"
Sarah Zettel - "Fool's Errand"

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