Get involved! Learn how you can help establish the Museum of Science Fiction.

Our approach is grassroots and we are looking for select volunteers to join our team across all departments and project areas.

Who can volunteer?
Everyone is welcome to participate. If you have a passion for science fiction and education, we would like to hear from you.

Right now, we’re looking for people to help us manage our annual event, Escape Velocity. Please contact us if you have professional experience in marketing, graphic design, K-12 education, curatorial design, event sales, logistics, project management, or team management: click here.

Interns, too. We offer internships in all of our departments to college students wishing to gain experience in their chosen area of study. The staff will be happy to assist students in tailoring a meaningful internship experience as we establish the Museum: click here.


Postal Address:
Museum of Science Fiction
PO Box 88
Alexandria, VA 22313-0088
USA: Earth: Sol: Milky Way
Image credit: Doug Drexler

Image credit: Doug Drexler

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