Save The Expanse, the critically-acclaimed space saga that's been running for three years on Syfy, will be cancelled at the end of this season according to an announcement from the cable network.

 Cas Anvar as Martian pilot, Alex Kamal, special guest at Escape Velocity 2017

Cas Anvar as Martian pilot, Alex Kamal, special guest at
Escape Velocity 2017

We at the Museum of Science Fiction join all fans of this series in expressing our great disappointment with this news. The Expanse has been rightly praised for being one of the most scientifically accurate sci-fi shows ever produced. Everything from how ships maneuver in space, to the effects of "turn-and-burn" on the crews, and how simulated gravity is achieved is all grounded in accordance with the laws of Newtonian physics.

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This respectful depiction of STEM ideas, when combined with engaging story lines and diverse cast of memorable characters, makes this show a refreshing standout in the genre in which "hard" sci-fi can sometimes be too enigmatic to gain widespread popularity.


Cas Anvar, who has brilliantly played Alex Kamal on The Expanse, was the special guest at our annual Escape Velocity sci-fi convention in 2017 where he greeted fans and spoke passionately about his role on the show. Mr. Anvar described how proud he has been to be a part of this kind of project which puts a lot of attention into getting the little details right, based on real science, to make the fictional world seem more believable. We totally agree and feel it would be a shame to let such a clever show as The Expanse end so soon. We call on all Earthers, Martians, and Belters to join us in a signing a petition to #SaveTheExpanse. Whether Syfy renews the series itself or another company buys the rights, we just want to keep the Rocinante flying beyond season three.